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Strength From Within 21 Day Total Body Detoxification Colon Liver Cleanse Program

Beverly Dunford is a certified massage therapist and bodyworker. To aid in her own healing when dealing with chronic pain and fatigue, Beverly developed a Strength From Within 21 day total body detoxification cleanse program which is a natural holistic health mind soul body detoxification program. This cleanse works naturally as a weight loss diet program and can also be used as an alternative complementary integrative medicine cancer therapy program.

Many people are getting extended colons from toxins building up in their intestinal tract from preservatives and chemicals in our food and drinks, fillers in our medications and supplements, toxins in the air we breathe, toxins in the substances we put on our bodies when we do our personal grooming and etc. Central obesity has become the main cause of disease because the vital organs are being overworked from excess weight. Our intestines are lined with mucus and full of toxins that prevent us from absorbing the nourishment we need to be healthy and our marketplaces are being flooded with genetically modified foods which are not as healthy and nutritious for us as the old heritage foods were. Invest in your own health now by gifting yourself with this Strength From Within 21 day total body detoxification program.

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest the patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."---Thomas Edison

Disclaimer Notice: The information contained within the different pages of this website is informational only and is not quaranteed to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

This picture is a great example of an extremely extended colon and shows us a very good reason why it is important to do a yearly total body detoxification colon liver cleanse program.

Approximately 95% of all diseases start in the gut from toxins getting stuck in our intestines, turning putrid and making us sick. Toxins are the foundation of degenerative diseases and reduce the quality of our lives by aging us, making us fat, lowering our intelligence, destroying our fertility, causing allergic reactions and destroying our immune systems. This all natural holistic total body detoxification colon liver program clears toxins out of your body giving you increased energy and vitality so that you may enjoy a healthier happier lifestyle.

A 21 Day Strength From Within Total Body Detoxification Cleanse Program - (A PDF file which will be emailed to you) $21.
The program is a PDF file that is 181 pages made with size 14 font for easy reading and includes 54 yummy raw food recipes. After your payment is received Beverly will email the file out to you. Thank you!

Telephone Consultations - $2 per minute
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Check out the results we posted on YouTube of our 21 day total body detoxification cleanse we did in June of 2016 21 Day Total Body Cleanse

Check out this NBC News release on YouTube about body pollution and chemical toxicity in our body. Body Pollution & Chemical Toxicity In Our Body

As you follow this Strength From Within 21 day total body detoxification cleanse program you will clean out your colon and feel better. Losing weight is a natural side effect of participating in this cleanse so you will lose weight too! Your body will change from an acidic environment into an alkaline state and disease can not thrive in an alkaline state so this total body cleanse can also be used as an alternative medicine cancer therapy treatment program. If you have cancer you will want to juice most of your food so that your body doesn't have to work so hard at digesting your food and can focus more time on eliminating the cancer.

NOTE: Losing one pound of body weight takes off 4 pounds of pressure from each knee. If you are experiencing knee pain, losing weight is the best remedy to cure to knee pain.

If you follow this cleanse as outlined and are not satisfied with the results Beverly will refund your money.

Michele on day 1 Michele on day 21 Michele on day 75 - self portrait

Michele lost 23˝ pounds in 21 days following this program and she felt so great that she wanted to continue cleansing so she stayed on the Strength From Within cleanse for 75 days and lost 72 pounds. To keep the weight off you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle by following the GOOD HEALTH COMES FROM HEALTHY HABBITS which Beverly shares on the massage and bodywork page of her website. You will need to scroll all the way down the page until you see it. Thank you.

You can see below in Beverly's pictures what a difference even just 10 - 13 pounds can make to a body. You CAN get your weight where you want it to be by following my Strength From Within 21 Day Total Body Cleanse program.

Day 1 at 148 pounds January 01, 2011 Day 21 at 135 pounds January 21, 2011

Find a weight that feels comfortable for you; a weight that allows you to eat well balanced nutritious meals and snacks and gives you enough energy to get you through the day. Cutting out sugar and white flour will help you drop the pounds and exercising more will tone you. Beverly is 5' 6 1/2" and personally feels best when she weighs around 135 pounds. Beverly can eat well and keep this weight by cutting out the majority of white sugar and white flour while still indulging in some of her favorite homemade treats on occasion. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat so a well toned body is going to weigh more than a flabby one.

Most people suffer from health issues caused from all the toxins in their bodies causing disease to grow and they continuously put on a few pounds each year as they age and then die in an obese state of health. This doesn't have to be your verdict, follow this all natural holistic health cleanse program and you will clear the toxins out of your body and lose your excess weight! Can you give yourself 21 days to develop better health? Can you afford not to?

People who do not need to lose weight will not lose much weight doing this cleanse as long as they monitor their calorie intake so that they make sure they are consuming enough calories to keep their bodies from losing weight. Thin people will lose the weight they had been carrying around that was sitting in their guts as built up fecal matter or mucus lining their intestinal tract for that is what this cleanse is so effective at getting rid of. The more over weight you are the more weight you are going to lose in this total body detoxification cleanse.

It is time for a Self Care Revolution, become a part of it now! Do your body, mind and soul / spirit a favor by participating in this program and developing a healthier lifestyle now. You don't have to wait until you are terminally ill to do this program. Do it once a year as preventive medicine instead!

Strength From Within 21 Day Total Body Cleanse Program includes:

An explanation of the cleanse and how and why it works.

Guidelines and instructions for doing the cleanse.

How to make your own solarized drinking water.

How to make or sew your own Chakra Balancing Color Therapy Personal Power Pillowcases.

A list of foods that you may consume during your 21 day cleanse.

Exercise routines to help you feel better, give you more energy and maximize your weight loss goal results.

A complete daily outline for 21 days which you can easily follow along with, record your measurements and weight loss and mark your progress.

54 Raw food recipes.

14 Raw food dessert recipes.

Enzyme Appreciation

Raw fruit and vegetable juice contains many essential enzymes. Enzymes are substances that perform two specific functions-they can either start chemical processes or they make them perform more quickly. Every cell in living plants and animals contains enzymes that are responsible for the very functions that keep them alive.

If enzymes are so important to keeping us alive, how come so few people know about them or how they function? Consider this fact: Enzymes are required to perform every single chemical reaction that occurs in your body. If it weren't for enzymes, none of the vitamins, minerals, or hormones in your body could work properly. Seems then there is quite a bit we ought to know about them and what they need to work well!

Let's look at digestion for instance. Digestion couldn't take place without enzymes. From the time food enters your mouth, enzymes both in the food and in your body are working to break it down into smaller particles so they can be absorbed properly. Raw foods contain lots of enzymes that are necessary for digestion; these are released when these foods are chewed.

Unfortunately, many of the enzymes in food are destroyed by the ways in which they are prepared and processed. Enzymes are destroyed in temperatures higher than 118° F (48° C) and some are destroyed in temperatures as low as 105° F (41° C), so most can't even survive light steaming - a way of preparing food that most people erroneously believe fully preserves the nutritional value of food!

What happens when the enzymes in food are destroyed and the only enzymes at work in your body are those that are made there? Digestive disorders, compromised immunity, allergic reactions, skin problems and mood swings can occur. Eating enzyme-deficient foods also taxes your pancreas and other organs, overworking and ultimately wearing them out. Since your body needs both kinds of enzymes, when only one kind is present, it suffers.

One way to address this problem is through juicing. In fact, juicing is one of the best ways to ingest raw foods as part of your diet. In a world where "fast food" has taken a firm hold on our eating habits, juicing vegetables provides a great way to obtain the enzymes you need to ward off diseases that can rob you of your health and energy. Understanding that enzymes can also help to heal chronic health problems which often seem to defy medical solutions is important as well. Juicing is the best way to consume your food if you are cleansing to help get rid of cancer or keep cancer from spreading further for then the body doesn't have to expend so much energy on digesting and can have more time and energy to heal the body of the cancer or whatever disease you are working to control or get rid of.

Information on Personal Power Pillowcases---Chakra balancing color therapy while you sleep! click here for information on Color Therapy Personal Power Pillowcases and how to make your own set.

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"You must be the change you want to see in the world" --- Mahatma Gandhi

"More peace and happiness will be found when people realize that cooperation is better than competition." --- Author Unknown
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